#72 SFW8 Pt2 Pop Up Puppet Cinema, Sam Stone (Author) and Dr Who Guests

So we said we had more for all you lovely listeners and here it is. We got a bumper interview episode for everyone so strap in.

We kick off with a chat with the Pop Up Puppet Cinema guys who let us know a bit more about what it is they do and how they create there magic.


We effortlessly move onto 2 cracking interviews with Fraser Hines of Dr Who fame and Sam Stone author extradoniare and all round awesome lady.

We finish up our interviews with two more Dr Who guests in Peter Purves who we all know and love and Yee Jee Tso from the Dr Who TV movie.

Thank you so much to everyone involved in making SFW8 the event it was and everyone who made us feel welcome in beautiful Wales.


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