#68 Redwood SFW8 News, Buffys Birthday Retro **Hush**, Black Mirror and Epic Top5 Best Tv Finales

We are back and this time it aint no Indie Talk, we are back with our hot shit takes on everything in the world of Film TV and what ever hits our radar.

We kick off with some General banter where we find Kev has finally moved in properly and discuss what it was Micheal Barrymore allegedly did.

The News id full of goodness this week including news of what Chris and Kev will be getting up to at SFW8.

What have we been watching is full of Black Mirror and Buffy watches, Kev hated Triple X3.

Top5 is an hour long section thanks to our many many poopshoots from our awesome listeners. this week its Top5 Tv show Finales.

We finish up with a Buffy retrospective to celebrate her 20th birthday.