#64 One Big Lie.. News.. Hacksaw Ridge/ Lego Batman/ Gold/ Assassins Creed.. Top5 Brit Actresses

This weeks Episode is our regular fortnightly dose of Movie/ TV/ Games and all other good stuff we know you love. We start with our usual general banter. Then the Big Ben Bongs take us into the News, including Award night Politics and a rant about DC internet trolls…

From there we take you into our Quickie Reviews section including our night out at an honest to goodness Play, One Big Lie…

Reviewed in this Episode:

  • Moana                                (Kev kinda Loved this)
  • Bleed For This                     (Chris Trusted Kevs Critique)
  • Assassins Creed                  (Kev thinks Dont Waste your Time)
  • Lego Batman Movie             (Kev was not happy with This Flick)
  • Hacksaw Ridge                   (Chris Predicts many Oscars)
  • Gold                                   (Kev was Pleasently Surprised)
  • Legion                                 (Chris thinks Kev should give it more time)
  • Leathal Weapon                   (Kev is dropping this after the Pilot)
  • Gotham S3                         (Kev loving this)
  • Walking Dead                      (We may be Dropping this completely)
  • Uncharted Game                 (Chris Dreams of Nathan Drake)
  • One Big Lie (Play)                (A Live Action Movie)

We finish up the show with our Top5 which this week is in honor of the Lead Performance put in By Racheal Cox in One Big Lie and we talk Top5 Brit Actresses.


Girlz Melon 365Flicks Intro and General Banter                 00.00 – 07.00

News Round-Up                                                             07.00 – 39.30

Astro Radio Z Podcast Promo                                          39.30 – 40.29

What Have We Been Watching                                        40.29 – 1.15.50

One Big Lie Promo and Review (Sort Of)                      1.15.50 – 1.30.05 

History of Bad Ideas Podcast Promo                            1.30.05 – 1.30.48

Top5 Brit Actresses                                                    1.30.48 – 1.56.22