#52 We Talk Pegasus Bridge W/ Director Lance Neilsen and Actor Mike Beckingham. WD S7 Premiere .Top5 War Movies


We have a fantastic Episode for you this time with a great interview with Independent film director Lance Neilsen who is knee deep in production for his world war 2 movie Pegasus Bridge. He also surprised us by having one of his lead actors join us, Mike Beckingham look out for this guy a definite up and comer.

We also bring our reaction to Walking Dead season 7 Premiere. How did we feel about who took the bat??

We end the show with our Top5 War Movies.


We Be Geeks Intro, 365 Intro by Girlz Melon                           00.00 – 01.20

General Banter                                                                     01.20 – 11.40

Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Reaction                               11.40 – 30.20

Snake Oil Comics Promo                                                        30.20 – 31.00

Intro to interview with Lance Nielsen and Mike Beckingham      31.00 – 36.27

Interview about Pegasus Bridge The Movie                             36.27 – 1.37.23

  • Sneek Peek Of Pegasus Bridge                                  1.09.05 – 1.10.25

History of Bad Ideas Promo                                                1.37.23 – 1.38.05

Top5 War Movies                                                               1.38.05 – 2.18.15


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