#51 David Micheal Latt Producer of 200+ Movies Incl SHARKNADO 1-4 and Z-Nation TV Show, News/Reviews/Top5 Horror

For Episode 51 we had the chance to speak to David Micheal Latt the Producer of over 200 movies including the likes of Sharknado 1-4 and the Tv show Z-Nation. David is also the Co-Owner of the Asylum the most Prolific Production company in Hollywood.

We bring our Standard News Section, How does Chris feel about Guy Richie’s Aladdin Live Action movie.

Quick reviews of Tv and Movies including Pete’s Dragon and New CW show Frequency. The guys still aint feeling Westworld.

We finish up with our Top5 Horror movies for Halloween, see if any of yours made the list. We also update the 365 Picks list.


INTRO from WE BE GEEKS, William Milne of Girlz Melon    00.00 – 01.15

General Banter then The News                                       01.15 – 42.45

Jock and Nerd Promo                                                    42.45 – 43.15

Quickie Reviews Pt 1                                                     43.15 – 1.02.55

David Micheal Latt Interview                                          1.02.55 – 1.35.15

History of Bad Ideas                                                     1.35.15 – 1.35.58

Quickie Reviews Pt 2                                                     1.35.58 – 1.58.40

Epic Film Guys Promo                                                    1.58.40 – 2.00.00

Top5 Horror Movies and 365Picks Update                         2.00.00 – 2.39.20


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