365Flicks Podcast Promo Package… One Big Lie

This weekend Chris and Myself decided to take in a proper live Play (I know right??). We went to see a show called One Big Lie which was written Local lad Robert Wilkinson and starring a host of talented guys and gals, including 2 members of the Damp Knight Improv group and Star Wars magazine writer Iain Lowson, who have all been on the show.

Chris and I will be doing a cheeky little review on episode 64 of the Podcast so listen out. Briefly though I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show and had a great time soaking in the talented folks our fair town has to offer. Oh and the Magners!! 

We had the opportunity to help the guys out and sponsor the show with a cheeky little donation to them and in return they let us put a poster in the show program, which was pretty cool. Friend and regular guest of the show Paul Trotter used his Don Draper advertising skills to knock us up a poster and he did a fantastic job so I wanted to post it right here for you guys to have a flex.

Also we were asked by Director of the show Bob, if we could maybe make a cheeky little promo video to be played befor the show and who are we to refuse a request like that?. Bob asked us for about a minute and a half, so naturally he got about 3 minutes. The video may be pretty cringe worthy  but whats the point in making it if we are not going to share with all our lovely listeners, so check out the video below.

Thats it for this post i just wanted to share our little promotion journey with you all and hope you enjoyed it. Up next is Episode 64 dropping on Friday so keep umm peeled.