365Flicks Ep 016 Fortress Of Poditude: News/Star Wars Top 5/Spidey 3 365Cut

The Lads at 365FlicksHQ are coming to you from the Fortress of Poditude our brand new Studio and boy did we bring the pain for this one with our brand new section the 365Cut…

So this time round we bring you all the latest news in the world of MovieFilms, although Kevin is not really prepared. We take the time to thank all the lovely people who have welcomed us into there Podcast lives. Jock and Nerd asked us how Godzilla does in the UK so we address that for our Doppelcasters.

Our Top 5 this episode is of the Best and Worst changes made to the original Stars Wars Trilogy. With a devastating reveal for Chris (Jedi will never be the same again) Listen out for his heart breaking.

The 365Cut has arrived and for our first we Re-Cut Spidey 3, This is a work in progress people we will get there. Thank You Devin from Snake Oil Comics for the suggestion.

Promos played in Episode 16 are from History of Bad Ideas, Jock and Nerd, Snake Oil Comics.

INTRO AND NEWS:               00.00 – 29.00

NETWORK PIMPAGE:            29.00 – 45.00

WRN, HOBI AND J&N:           45.00 – 46.21

J&N GODZILLA TALK:           46.21 – 57.00

STAR WARS TOP 5:             57.00 – 1.27.10

365CUT OF SPIDEY 3:          1.27.10 – 2.16.00


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