365Flicks Ep 013 The Beautiful Disaster. News/ Game Of Thrones/ Top 5 Best Worst Disaster/ Norbit Review/ Forfeit

In Episode 13 Chris and Kev take to there brand spanking new studio to bring you there brand of opinionated Movie and TV banter. This time they talk News round-up as usual.

Followed by there Game Of Thrones Season 5 verdict. The Top 5 this week is there Best Worst Disaster movies, Then Kev brings his review of Eddie Murphy Turkey Norbit. We end the Ep with Chris doing his forfeit and trying to re create Eric Cartmans version of Wild Wild West.

Intro and News Round-Up 00.00 – 35.10

Jock And Nerd Promo and Shout Out 35.10 – 38.09

Game Of Thrones Finale and Season 5 38.09 – 1.09.24

Time For Pimpage 1.09.24 – 1.11.46

Top 5 Best Worst Disaster Movies 1.11.46 – 1.25.20

365Flicks Promo Unveiling 1.25.20 – 1.26.10

Kev Reviews Norbit 1.26.10 – 1.39.30

Debate Conclusion. Chris Raps Wild Wild West 1.39.30 – 1.42.40


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