365Flicks Ep 011 The Debate. The News/ Top 5 Brit Directors/ IM3 vs DKR/ Baseketball Review

The Lads at 365Flicks Podcast HQ decided to settle an age old debate. Which is the better movie Iron Man 3 or Dark Knight Rises???. We want you to decide based on the arguments put forth. So head to Facebook and Twitter and let them know.

Also we discuss The News, our Top5 Brit Directors and Chris Reviews Baseketball.

Also check out the promo for Jock and Nerd.

Intro & The News Round-Up 00.00 – 33.50

Jock And Nerd Promo 33.50 – 34.25images (17)

Top 5 Brit Directors 34.25 – 1.01.05

The Debate Pt 1 Chris Vs DKR 1.01.05 – 1.27.40

Pause For Pimpage 1.27.40 – 1.30.00

The Debate Pt 2 Kev vs IM3 1.30.00 – 1.52.10

Chris Reviews Baseketball 1.52.10 – 2.02.50


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Guys get yourself over to the Jock And Nerd Podcast these guys are great…