365Flicks Ep 010 Age Of Ultron Review/ Top 5 Super Villians/ News Round-Up/ Rat Race

So we are back at 365Flicks Podcast HQ. This time the lads have been to see Avengers Age of Ultron and bring you there Review of possibly Marvels best flick yet.

Ultron is a total bad ass so we do our Top 5 SuperVillians in Movie and TV.

Kev was also made to watch Rat Race so here comes his review… We also come up with our first 3 365 T-Shirt ideas

INTRO and News Round-Up 00.00 – 27.35

Pause For Pimpage 27.35 – 30.10

Age Of Ultron Reviews (Lil Spoilery) 30.10 – 1.10.28

Top 5 SuperVillians In Movie & TV 1.10.28 – 1.27.00

Kev’s Review of Rat Race (Uggggggh) 1.27.00 – 1.45.00


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