365Flicks #40 Back To Basics Bumper News Round/ Top5 Everyday Movie Quotes/ 365Title Defence

#40The lads at 365HQ jump back into the Fortress of Poditude to bring you the milestone 40th episode. The guys are alone this time after a couple of episodes with some great guests, so they go old school and bring you all a bumper movie news section in which they get semi sort of serious and bring you some Politics (Of Sorts).

Chris came up with this episodes Top5, where we discuss our Top5 movie quotes we find ourselves using in every day life which was loads of fun.

Then it is time for #HeelKev the 365Champ to put the title on the line in a movie buff quiz. Can Kev retain the belt or is his glorious run at an end.

So listen in for our thoughts on the DCEU going forward, Lenny Henry flapping his gums, Why so serious about Cuba and much much more for your listening pleasure… We had such a good time with this episode and hope you all enjoy it.


Wicked Radio, We Be Geeks, Ross Marquand and Girlz Melon Intro    00.00 – 01.35

Bit of General Banter and Bumper News Pt1                                  01.35 – 1.04.05

Epic Film Guys Promo                                                               1.04.05 – 1.05.20

Bumper News Pt 2 (Lenny Henry and DCEU)                               1.05.20 – 1.44.20

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                                1.44.20 – 1.45.20

Top5 Movie Quotes Used in Everyday Life                                   1.45.20 – 2.14.00

HOBI Promo                                                                            2.14.00 – 2.14.40

#HeelKev Puts the 365Title on the Line                                      2.14.40 – 2.31.40

OUTRO and Listen up to Find Out Which Movie the Loser Must Watch and Review…

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