365Flicks #29 Talking Heads The Officially Unofficial Walking Dead Companion S06E10 (Spoilers Duh)

The Boys are back with there second live episode on the Blab. We bring you again our Live almost instant reaction to the latest episode of the Walking Dead season 6 Episode 10  t he Next World… We jump straight in with our open honest and frank review of what we have just witnessed.

You can come join us on the Blab every Monday 22:30 and we will always open that 4th chair for anyone with an opinion…

You can also see this episode on the Youtube for more of an idea how the Blab Works…


Geeky Antics Network Promo and Intro to Episode         00.00 – 03.25

Kev, Chris and Haze talk S06E10                                  03.25 – 1.25.10


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