365Flicks #28 Talking Heads The Officially Unofficial Walking Dead Companion S06E09 (Spoilers Duh)

So the Lads have been toying with the idea of doing a sort of Live Recording… With the Mid-Season premiere of Walking Dead season 6 having aired in the UK. Kev and Chris get there buddy Haze from the Gaming episode #27 to jump on and give there opinion on a show that has its up and its downs.

What did we think of the opening Episode well come find out.

You can come join us on Blab every, Monday night 22:30 Uk time and we will open that fourth chair for you to give your thoughts. See you there.

We will also be posting the episodes up on Youtube so look out for the 365Flicks videos on our Youtube channel.


We Be Geeks promo and Intro to #28                                       00.00 – 03.15

Kev, Chris and Haze talk through S06E09                                  03.15 – 1.14.30

Imran of Jock and Nerd Podcast Joins Us (Driving and Blabbin)   1.14.30 – 1.21.15

Wrap Up the Episode and Confirm Next Episode                         1.21.15 – 1.31.05


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