#56 365X-Massy Special 2016.. Top 5 Tv X-Mas Specials, Movies & Tv News, Geek Reviews

The guys are in the studio and very very very Merry to bring you there 2016 Christmas special which is an episode choc full of awesome goodness. Starting with there general Banter to kick off the show with Pod Pimpage. 

We swiftly move in to the Movie and TV news that has got our interest including the news of a Birds of Prey Movie coming soon. Woot Woot. After we cut our teeth on the News we jump in to our favorite section of the show in which we discuss the Movies, Tv Shows and Games we have been watching lately including…

  • The Shepard (Comic)

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Chris impromptu challenges Kev for the 365Flicks title in a movie quiz…

We end our awesome Christmas Spectacular with our Top 5 of Tv christmas specials.


Girz Melon Intro and General Banter                                      00.00 – 14.58

News (Birds of Prey Movie Woop Woop)                                  14.58 – 46.00

HOBi Podcast Promo                                                             46.00 – 46.46

What Have You been Watching Geek Reviews                       46.46 – 1.49.00

Geeky Antics Network Promo                                            1.49.00 – 1.49.50

Chris challenges Kev to a Movie Quiz for the Belt                1.49.50 – 1.57.00

Jock and Nerd Podcast Promo                                           1.57.00 – 1.57.40

Top5 Tv Christmas Specials                                               1.57.40 – 2.35.30


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