*The Meg* caught in a *Sharknado* *It Follows* the *Oceans 8* to a *Skyscraper* were *Teen Titans GO To The Movies* (117)

The 365 Lads are back in the booth to bring you more of there regular schmegular  banter and important pimpage. Starting with our regular update of all the amazing projects we want you to be checking out including word on Ethel A Short Film and Stairs.

After our Big Ben Bongs we get into the News portion of the show talking about how we would fix Star Wars, Idris Elba could be out as bond and much more.

Just the Pilot was Colony and its pretty safe to say both the lads will keep going with the show.

What have we been watching includes films like:

  • The Meg
  • Sharknado 6
  • Skyscraper
  • Oceans 8
  • It Follows
  • Teen Titans Go to The Movies
  • The Last Witness

We re-visit the classic Hard Target…

Our Top5 is of Generic Hollywood leading men including a particular 5 leading men…